T-Shirt System

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T-Shirt System - 310mm Cameo 4
R17,950.75 inc VAT
T-Shirt System - 210 Portrait 2
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T-Shirt System - no cutter
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Our T-Shirt printing System is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to start with t-shirt printing. Although this system suitable is for garment printing, you can also print on a range of flat items. The system is aim at the entrepreneur that wants to do  sublimation printing and vinyl applications. With the big range of heat flex vinyls available your can deliver stunning designs for the fashion, personal and branding industries. With the vinyl cutter you will not be limited to garment printing and applications, you can do small signage, paper crafts and wall art.




wht is included in this system

Our most popular heat press for t-shirts.

our systems are available with 3 different vinyl cutters, to give you a choice and reducing unnecessary expenses that you will not use. You can also buy the system without a cutter if you do have a cutter.

We use the reliable Epson Bulk ink tank printer for sublimation printing. No cartridges means more profit in your pocket. The Epson printer for sublimation is known for the low printing cost, giving you great profits without compromising quality.

Our system includes 4 x 50ml ink. Our inks are of high quality and known for solid colours without colour lost.

50 sheets sublimation paper. Our Premium sublimation paper can be used for both glossy items like mugs or fabric printing.

Our rolls of silicon paper helps keep your press clean and reduce shiny blocks of fabric.

One of the most used items during sublimation printing to keep the images in the correct position.

Our user manual is constantly updated to include the latest equipment and printing techniques. This manual will help you understand the equipment and printing techniques. We also included a step by step training section to help you master the basic techniques.

Our system includes a media pack and product pack to help you master the basic printing techniques as set out in the user manual and training notes.



By using our easy to use software you create your design that you want to put on the product

Cut\ print

The vinyl cutter will cut the design out, or you can print  in in the printer, depending on your product.


A sublimation t-shirt takes 100 seconds and a vinyl application only 30 seconds.


  • Sublimation t-shirts
  • sublimation mouse pads
  • sublimation pillow cases
  • vinyl applications on t-shirts and other garments
  • signage
  • paper craft

Additional information

Cutter Size

310mm Cameo 4, 210 Portrait 2, 720mm Skycut, no cutter