Start Ups

Our Super Start Up Systems

Made for our Hero – You -the Entrepreneur

Printing and Promotion industry


Novelty Printing

Our Printing Systems are all set up and ready for you to start your own printing business. It comes complete with equipment, samples and extensive training documents.

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Label/Ribbon Printing

Ribbon printers are becoming more and more popular due to the vast opportunities available for these printers. And you can also print labels and barcodes for other industries

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Banner/Canvas Printing

Our Canvas and Large Format printing systems are some of the most complete systems on the market, with canvas stretching kits, accessories and training.

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CNC / Laser Engraving

Enter the popular market of CNC and Laser Engraving. Our kits comes assembled and ready to use using the latest technology and bundled for affordability and excellent R.O.I.

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3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping is all the rage. You can create anything you can think of and produce, market and sell unique, one of a kind products or you can contract out to inventors and creators.

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busin auto

Business Automation

From full production machines to print, fold and bind books to printing business cards and flyers.  We have what you need to make your business run smoothly.

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Entertainment Industry


There are opportunities all across the country for prospective event producers, and we can help you get on your way to starting your own successful event production company. The nostalgia of going to the “drive-in” still resonates wil young and old and now is the time to cash in on this lucrative business.

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Rent out a photo booth at weddings and other functions and generate a good passive income by working part time. Our systems are easy to use and does not require anyone being on site. This opportunity is an easy venture and very lucrative.

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Licenses and franchises

Young Entrepreneurs

The importance of business and money management education cannot be over-emphasised, as business ventures are the
major source of new jobs in the economy.

We truly agree with Professor Albert Shapiro from Ohio State University that “Entrepreneurs are not ‘born’….rather they
‘become’ through the experiences of their lives”. Business is NOT learned by reading a textbook and then taking a test to prove
you are one. We need to build confidence and create awareness in children and give them the knowledge, skills, and ability
to become entrepreneurs and this can only be done by exposing them to business principles and allowing them to ‘experience’
business and money.