12 Colour 1 head semi industrial embroidery machine

R95,000.00 inc VAT


Suitable for cap,finished garments embroidery

Exquisite embroidery effect, Suitable for making small and delicate design like logo

  • 300mm×350mmEmbroidery area
  • 12/15 Needle Number
  • 1vHead Number

Intelligent full color touch screen.slide mode for switching details,and the button will change as the screen change

  • 9 kind of embroidery frame visualization options
  • U disk or network mode input
  • Supported batch mode for pattern input,output,and delete
  • 600,000,000 needles storage capacity,support up to 20000 patterns,and 250 times color change
  • Perfect supported sequin embroidery,cording embroidery,rhinestone hot fix and other special functional devices.(optional)
  • Finnished garment embroidery speed up to 1200rpm,cap embroidery 800rpm,support 15 needles color change
  • Chinese,English,French,Spanish,Turkish,Portuguese,Russian,Arabic,Thai,Dutch,German,Italian,Vietnamese and other 13 kinds of language well supported.
  • AC80-AC260V input voltage adapted
  • 34V working power protect the operator safety
  • Training available in Cape town if needed
  • Cap Hoop included