Two Tone Mugs

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2 Tone Mug




Our Inner Colour and Handel Ceramic Mugs are 11 oz. The outside area of the mug are fully coated with a high quality polymer coating for sublimation printing and tested against RoHS. The printing results are bright, smooth and glossy. The inside and handle area are colorful with a vibrant colour. 


Sublimation Layer Coated
By applying a exclusively designed sublimation coating, this blank mug become printable with sublimation ink and produce a bright and vivid print. The special coating provides strong adsorption capacity of adsorbing the sublimated ink molecule.Sublimation printing are non – scratch and permanent.

Dishwasher Safe
The mug is dishwasher and Microwave safe.

RoHS certified, Lead free
The coated mug is RoHS certified by SGS Group, it is 100% Lead free.

Printing conditions

This mug is specially manufactured for sublimation printing.

Recommended Temperature: 180 degrees

Recommended Time: 230 seconds

Pressure: High

Heat Press needed: Mug press or mug cradle.

Element size: Standard 12 oz

Please note that the printing parameters are for reference only, you may have to adjust detail values due to the actual imprint quality is subject to various conditions including humidity, altitude, temperature. We test all our products and our temperature and time guides are the results you will get when using  our recommended equipment, paper and sublimation inks. When using different products please consult your suppliers guides.

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