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What Is:

Vinyl Application

It's a media

It's Amazing

Vinyl Applications are a special media that is available in rolls and cut out into any shape or form you can think of and either applied with heat to garments and fabrics or applied to hard surfaces using application tape. The two methods differ in the media used. Heat Flex is used for garments and needs heat to melt the special glue and adhere to the fabric or using Poli Flex which is a self-adhesive media that either sticks permanently or temporarily.

Sounds Complicated?

It's not, we made the process simple, like printing a document with one additional step!

Design - Cut - Apply



Simply drag in the photo, add some text and you are done. Our software is easy to use 



Cut out your design on either heat flex or poli flex vinyl and remove the excess



Use your heat press to apply the vinyl to garments or simply stick it on the surface of choice.

Vinyl Applications are very versatile.
There are almost no surface where it can’t stick to. The durability is not to be considered permanent as it will start to crack, fade and peel after many washes (the same as any other store-bought item would) but it can be considered as semi-permanent.
This is an easy to use process to create anything from t shirts and garments to signage on walls, streets, glass and billboards. 


Some examples of what you can do

No coating needed! Just apply to garments with a heat press, or peel and stick to clean surfaces!

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